My guest’s Mission is to break the stigma of being abused by breaking her silence.  One of the realities that empowered her and that she teaches other victims of abuse is that your abuse was not about you.  It was about your abuser. 

In our conversation, she shares that her former step father abused her physically, psychologically and sexually. He told her every single day, from the age of 2 til 12, that she was ugly, stupid, useless, worthless, and unlovable.  She believed him, not just because she heard the words for so long, but because that was what she saw unfolding all around her.  Every situation in her life seemed to be shouting, “He’s right!!!”

Lisa Cybaniak is now an enthusiastic, high-energy, motivational speaker and success coach.  

Now she has created a life of value and worth.  Now she has a family she adores, a home she cherishes, and a career she’s in love with.  Her life is centered around empowering survivors of abuse to find their personal purpose, to build the life they deserve.

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