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Who is Mickie Zada?  What is Surviving Abuse Network?   We are part of a growing wave of change…Join us in refusing to accept status quo!

Women are not equal in lots of places…but especially not in many of our homes and, certainly, not in the court system.  Do you know that 70% of abusers manage to come out ahead in our court system today?!?

The goal of Surviving Abuse Network is to bring the reality of domestic abuse out of the closet and on to center stage.

Equally as important is making it clear to those of us attracted to abusers, if we don’t change, nothing changes.

I am not victim blaming.  I lived in domestic abuse for 34 years.  I don’t blame myself for that.  

Our attraction to abusers is the result of a lesson, a pattern that was programed into my brain when we were kids.  The programmed pattern controls our thought process, our emotions.  It tells us that abuse is normal.

When I identified that programmed pattern in my own mind, I was able to deal with it and eliminate my attraction to abusers.  You are able to do that, too.

Learn more about programed patterns, hard wired lessons that affect our lives and we don’t even know they are there.   

Why I do not accept status quo and how Surviving Abuse Network challenges the current norm?  I am traveling to the beat of a different drum, just like you! 

Here’s the fact:  Domestic abuse affects 1 in 3 women in the United States.  1 in 3!  

Domestic abuse is real, and we don’t have to live with it!

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