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What is the dream you’ve held in your mind, and in your Heart, but never have given it the Wings to take flight?

Why is it still hidden there…down at the bottom, covered in all that Fear?

I know the thoughts that keep it there…Who Am I to think I could do that? Who Am I to think anyone would pay attention to my idea?…Who Am I… do THIS?

It may surprise you to know that just about every woman on the planet is living the same fear….Who Am I to do (whatever)

In some Countries, women’s fears are well founded; Some women live in very real and constant fear of being themselves, voicing opinions, setting and expecting to meet goals.

In most Countries, though, the only thing holding us back is our personal thought that we aren’t good enough…that we are too old now…that we really don’t have much to offer.

You know those thoughts about yourself are not Truth.

Meet 3 women who felt the same way you do. Listen to how they stepped through the fire of fear and began the journey of baby steps to finally, finally begin living their authentic lives.

Each one is different. Each one was over 50 when their Lives began to become their own.

Anna, Jan and Linda have fun discussing their Journeys to finding their authentic selves…to living the Life that they create, not being and doing what other people influenced them to be and do.

Anna writes books and is an artist now.
Jan chose to begin living her Mission and is stepping into being a public speaker.
Linda is…well, Linda is Waldo (as in Where’s Waldo?) She has chosen several Paths.

When listening to this podcast, you will feel like you’re eavesdropping on a private girl friends conversation…and you are…with Permission!