When’s the last time someone told you that you are magnificent?  That your idea is tremendous?   That you look fabulous?

When is the last time you told someone else that they are amazing?

It seems that, more and more, we humans are avoiding personal compliments.  It’s very rare that a boss, team leader or employer tells us we are doing a great job, that our efforts are appreciated, that the business is doing better because of our work ethic and focus.

We tend to encourage little kids:  Every step is applauded, a smile gets a bigger, brighter smile in return, reading, spelling, writing are all supported with accolades and cheers.  Why don’t we adults do that for each other?

Actually, the reason doesn’t matter.

What matters is that we change the behavior.

Today, make an effort to tell someone they are magnificent, that their idea is tremendous, that they look fabulous.  Today, choose to make a positive impact on another adults’ life.

We are all so busy.  We are all so competitive.  We are working against deadlines, struggling to keep our heads above water, wrapped up in our own stressors.

Especially if you watch the news, negativity and fear invade your conscious and subconscious mind.  Danger and fear sell.  Lately, watching the news is like driving past a bad car accident.  You don’t want to see but you can’t help looking.

When we choose to allow that sort of information to invade our minds, it’s even more difficult to emotionally support others…and ourselves.

Here’s my challenge to you:

Every day for a week, compliment at least one person.  It’s easy to compliment nearly everyone you see, but start with one or two, if this is a new behavior.

Choose at least every other day not to read the newspaper or watch the news. “Oh, but I won’t know what’s going on in the world!” you exclaim.  Yes, you will.  Headlines are on all the major internet pages and someone will tell you if it’s really big news.

For one week, compliment at least one person a day and avoid the news every other day…every day, if you can.

Your life will be happier, your interactions with others will be more fun, you’ll feel better about yourself?

You don’t believe me?

Give it a try.  Be open minded.  When we eliminate so much of the negativity we accept as “normal”, we feel better.

By the way, you are amazzzzing.  You’ve got this!  And, you look fabulous today!