Have you ever changed your name?  Of course, in marriage most women in the U.S. embrace their husband’s surname.  What about selecting a name that resonates with you, that IS You, going to court and having it legally changed?

What would your friends and family say?  What about your career, all your documents, your children?  Is changing your name Sensible?

Life presents us with tremendous joy, growth opportunities, tragedy and sorrow.  Sometimes all those emotions are presented in one day.

My first wedding and marriage was one such day for me!  Life IS an amazing Journey.

I was excited to link my life with the man I loved; it was a joy-full and exciting experience.  I also felt a sense of sorrow and tragedy, though, because I changed my name and became “someone else”.  I grew to know and admire the married person I was…but in the first ten years, several times, I changed back and forth between his last name and mine.  When our son was born, I selected my husband’s name….For good… For continuity of the family, I said.

Fast forward 34 years to divorce:  Within a year of that occurrence, I selected MY name…Mickie Zada.  I was born with Mickie;  Zada was my choice. Post-divorce I put myself in the “Repair Shop”, immersed myself in personal growth and confidence building, emerging five years later as my Authentic Self:  Mickie Zada.  I talked with my grown son about the name change; I went through the legal channels.

My Life has changed dramatically since I changed my name…it has become MY Life;  a Life I love.

Part of loving my Life, of Being my authentic self, is recently marrying my soul mate.  As “Second 53 Year-ers”, this marriage relationship is about devotion to each other; melding two mature, confident, centered lives, becoming best friends, confidants, lovers, allies, fans of each other.  I Am Mickie Zada, a happily married woman!

A friend I’ve known as Tammy for more than 10 years, recently changed her name to Alex.  Through coaching and numerology, the name Alex was chosen as the one that resonated most strongly with the woman formerly known as Tammy.  She reports that she has stepped into Being herself, having more confidence and career success. She has repaired broken family relationships and gained more personal strength to walk the Path of her choice.

I asked Alex about the reactions she’s received after changing her name.  Like me she responded with stories of support and encouragement, of anger and misunderstanding.

As I experienced, Alex was asked what she’s running away from.

Like me, her response was that she’s not running away from anything…she has chosen to move toward living her True Life, becoming her Authentic Self.

Our name is our identity.  If that identity isn’t working for you any more, change it!

No, it’s not a simple process, emotionally or legally.  For me, and for Alex, the process has been well worth the effort, discussions, and explanations.

What’s in a Name?