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A Hijackal® is a person who hijacks relationships, for their own purposes, while scavenging them for power, status, and control.

Hijackals® make you question your sanity and constantly second-guess yourself.  That’s their game and they are very good at it!  They play to win at any cost.

Sound familiar?  Of course!

My guest is Dr. Rhoberta Shaler and she coined the word Hijackal®.  Her Mission is helping people identify emotional abuse and learn that there is a safer, saner, better world available. Dr. Shaler discusses the fact that there are reasons we are attracted to, and are attractive to, abusers and that there is choice involved in embracing our freedom from their control.

Listen to this fascinating discussion about Hijackals® ; who they are and what’s really going on in the crazy-making relationships in your life.

Learn more about Dr. Rhoberta Shaler at www.forrelationshiphelp.com.  Her YouTube channel is For Relationship Help and her podcasts on iTunes and all the other popular podcast channels are Emotional Savvy and Save Your Sanity.  On her web site you can access her online television show, Emotional Savvy, and subscribe to her newsletter.  When you’re ready, Dr Shaler is available for online counseling, around the world!

Check out this episode!