Many of us can relate to Rena Romano’s statement that for many years, on the outside her life looked perfect.  She was a successful business woman, friends were envious, her Mother was proud.

On the inside she was dying, a broken soul.

Harboring a horrific secret since childhood, no one knew the pain she was suffering.

Then she chose to become a Thriver: she created and embraced her truth that there is always an upside no matter what you’ve been through.

In October 2009 Rena was a featured guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show where she shared her long-kept secret of childhood sexual abuse.

She also is a TEDx speaker.  Her TEDx talk is titled “Healing Sexual Abuse can start with one word.”  You can watch her TEDx talk on YouTube.

Learn more about Rena Romano and her program, The THRIVE Perspective, listen to her podcast and order her books, at