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When’s the last time you took off on a Road Trip, with no specific destination in mind?

Have you ever planned a 3 day trip that turned into a more-than-3- weeks Great Adventure??

Well, Mary Ann Vaughn and Brenda Capizzi have, and you are going to thoroughly enjoy their story.

Mary Ann wanted to go visit the small town in Michigan where she was born and her best friend, Brenda, is always up for an adventure…Brenda said she’d be happy to go along.

The women planned to fly to Chicago from Phoenix and then take a train up to Michigan for the weekend. Once they were making plans, tho, it occurred to them that returning to Chicago made no sense…they didn’t know anyone there…soooooo, they rented a car and started driving through Indiana and Tennessee and South Carolina…eventually to New Orleans!

I met these two fun women on a plane from Austin to Phoenix. They claimed the seats beside me and I noticed their Mardi Gras beads. Then I promptly went to sleep. I woke up as the plane was descending, three hours later, into Phoenix and casually asked about the beads. THAT’S when I discovered what a mistake I had made. These women were fired up, full of amazing energy and about popping at the seams excited to talk about their “Thelma and Louise” type adventure!

Both being over 50 and each with a fascinating personal story (Brenda was a newly wed!) I knew they would be ideal guests for “The Second 53 Years”. You will laugh and smile at the antics and adventures Brenda and Mary Ann describe…they found unique desserts along the way and spent a couple of days with Troy Lukketta…Yeessss, THE Troy Lukketta; the drummer for Tesla!!! It happens that he’s a family friend.

The lesson Mary Ann and Brenda teach is “just do it!” Stop thinking about the fun things you want to do…stop planning for fun in the future; grab the car keys, grab a girlfriend and get going!! Brenda is 51. Mary Ann is 75. They each say there is no time like the present to begin living your Life. Go For It!!

Is there some adventure you’ve lived out in your mind and now it’s time to really Do It?

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