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My guest escaped the abyss of abuse through pinpoints of light.  Her analogy is being in a pitch-black cave, when a tiny pinpoint of light is seen…and it grows…and leads us out of the darkness. It’s a perfect metaphor for our journey into, through and out of the abyss of abuse.

My guest is April Tribe Giauque.  She is a Mother to nine children, an author, a teacher and a coach.  She also shares her amazing story of living in abuse, escaping with five children in tow, and creating a safe, happy, healthy life after her escape.

The other person in April’s marriage was a huge surprise to me.  John was her abuser’s business partner.  He made family decisions and controlled all the money. Her husband talked with John on the phone.  He met John at work sites. “John” was her schizophrenic husband’s alter ego.

Don’t miss this inspiring and insightful conversation.  

Listeners may learn more about April at https://www.apriltribegiauque.com

April’s book, Pinpoints of Light; Escaping the Abyss of Abuse is available on Amazon.

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