After her third marriage spiraled into violence and ended in divorce, Beverly Wilkinson had an epiphany.  She realized the common denominator in her abusive relationships was herself!  She had a vision for a life of value, dignity and worth.  She also had the dogged persistence to see THAT life come to fruition.

Born and raised on a cotton field in Mississippi, Beverly endured physical and emotional abuse through most of her developmental years.  In 1991 she escaped Mississippi, with 3 young children in tow.   They took a Greyhound bus to Seattle where she and her children were homeless for a while, living in a shelter until she could find permanent housing.

Today Beverly is a speaker, blogger, author and storyteller!  She shares with us the challenges she faced, her 6-year process of changing her life and how she clung to and created the healthy, safe, joyful life she knew was her destiny.

Beverly may be reached at:
Instagram:  dressedupoutside
Facebook: dressed up on the outside, but messed up on the inside

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