It’s fun listening to the story of other people’s life of risk.  You never really know what’s going on inside their heads…sometimes I don’t even know what’s going on inside my own head!


I’m a risk taker.  Not risk like jumping out of planes or hang gliding off Grandfather Mountain. Nope, not me.  I take risks like becoming an entrepreneur, putting ideas out there that might be laughed sneered at or recording live videos or riding a bicycle 3,000 miles across the country.  Those are my kinds of risks…mostly slow and easy.  Not much that I try will kill me.Risk is Everything

Others are risk takers, like riding huge motorcycles on weeks-long treks, skiing downhill fast through a mountain or forest, canoeing in the wilderness of Banff (where there are b.e.a.r.s.) or rattlesnake hunting in Texas.

In my opinion, risk is not R.I.S.K.;  You see what I mean?  I enjoy the energy surge and “high” I feel every time I talk in front of a large group or in front of my phone for a Facebook live video.  Sometimes I recall that my talk once flew right out of my head at a Toastmasters event…I didn’t have notes and I had to just stop and finally say “Whoops!  I’m done!”  I didn’t win!  ☺  So, there is risk in these seemingly non-dangerous undertakings.

While I did go on the world’s highest sky swing in Kissimmee, Florida…twice… I was attached to a bungee cord thing, enveloped in a heavy vest and between two of my best friends.  I wasn’t free floating on wings. I didn’t have to be responsible for opening a parachute.

You may be one of those people who live for physical risk, whose adrenaline doesn’t rush unless the possibility of death is, seemingly, potentially eminent.

Whatever gets your blood rushing, do it!  I don’t like heights, being cold or going downhill (or level, for that matter) fast.  Others thrive on the thrills, the risks, that scare me to death.

Life is such an amazing Journey.  As a friend recently told me “Life is for living”.  Authentic living, to me, implies risk taking.  Doing the same things over and over is the definition of WHAT?  A boring life!

I encourage you to consider risks you’ve taken that moved you to a new level…of comfort, of experience, of Life.  Remember that feeling?  Embrace the memory of that emotion and decide to find it again…and again…and again.

Make a plan this week to take a new risk. Life is for living. Go for it!