Several things happened this week that created a new perspective on what I’ll call emotion-of-older-people.  Suddenly it occurred to me, I’d forgotten how excited I used to get about life events.

Of course, I am thankful for every second I’m given in this life, and I’m grateful for all the growth and experiences I’ve gained.  I’m talking about that Christmas Morning excitement I remember as a kid.  It’s still there…I just don’t allow it to shine through that often anymore.  Why not??

Here’s what happened…and what I think.

On Friday, my son and his new wife are closing on the first house they are buying together.  Their blended family of children can’t wait to fasten a tire swing to the huge mango tree in the back yard.  My daughter in law is excited about her new kitchen and is building really cool shelves from pallets for her cook books.  (thank you, Pinterest)

Do you remember buying your first house?  Christmas Morning excitement, right?

Last night my husband and I set an alarm to remember to get his boarding pass to fly back to Connecticut.  It kept saying it was more than 24 hours before his flight, and at first we were frustrated.  We were sure his flight was today.  As it turns out, he doesn’t leave until tomorrow…we gained one more day together!

A silly mistake, but a happy result.  And, I felt that Christmas Morning excitement!!

It was brief.  A short surge of butterflies and happy heart.  I wanted to jump up and down and clap my hands!

Then I realized…where has that feeling been??  Why don’t I allow myself to feel that kind of joy and excitement about life events?

I’ve given this experience a lot of thought.  More time needs to be dedicated to this consideration.  I bet I’m not the only adult, especially senior adult, who has lost the jump-up-and-down type of joyful emotion.

Think about it for yourself?  I bet (and I hope) you feel happy and joyful, that you smile a lot and laugh.  I do.  And, I consider myself a glass three-quarter full, rose color glasses type woman. I expect Good in my life, and I get it; one more day with my husband before he goes back to work in Connecticut, for example!

Apparently, over the years, for whatever reason, I’ve put a lid on the level of excitement I allow myself to feel.  Isn’t that crazy!??

The weirdest part is, I didn’t realize this fact.

The reason could be that, over the years, many of the things I got real excited about didn’t occur.  It could be that I was often told not to be so excited about upcoming events/potential occurrences, so I shut the emotion down.

Could it be that, with so many life experiences under my belt, on some level I have become numb to kid-like excitement?

Today I choose to pay attention to my response to life experiences and to excavate that Christmas Morning feeling.  There are so many exciting events scheduled in my near future; Now that I’m paying attention and allowing it, I feel some butterflies and a happy, glowing heart just thinking about some of them!

What about you?  Do you still feel the happy, excited child-like emotion I’m describing or have you put a lid on yours, too?  Think about it.

Life is too exciting a Journey to travel along without that clap-your-hands kind of joy.  We may have more years behind us than ahead, but isn’t that a reason to embrace the excitement of new experiences like we did as children?  I think so!

Come along with me on this experiment.  If you have kids or grand kids around, or any youngsters for that matter, watch them and see how excited they get about even little things; Drawing, making cookies, playing a board game with you.

Remember the excitement of purchasing your first home or building your dream home when you were younger.  What about the excitement of building your career, your first promotions, gaining financial strength and freedom.

Allow yourself the gift of feeling the joy and thrill of Christmas Morning excitement.  You deserve it.  And, so do I!