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Some days I say “I’m going to the airport and getting on the next plane leaving for anyplace that’s warm and has rum!” Do you ever feel that way?

Sure! We all have!

Have you ever gone on vacation and thought “Man, I’d LOVE to live here full time!!”

Yep, most of us have experienced that feeling, too.

Well, Christy Haussler went on vacation to Key West and she and her partner decided they were going to move there.

That’s all there was to it.

And everything fell perfectly into place…next thing ya know, they were living in Key West….


There were a lot of twists and turns. She left a really well-paying job to move where she had no job and with no substantial savings… The introvert cubicle dweller transformed into an outgoing podcast host, talking to strangers for a living!; She started an ice cream business with just a week left in tourist season….

But somehow it all worked. Christy says that on a spreadsheet, none of what worked should have. But she’s living proof that it did!

You’ll find yourself smiling and laughing out loud at the stories Christy shares. You’ll identify with some of her experiences and at other times you’ll wonder how (or WHY) she did what she did.

Mostly, you’ll be inspired and empowered…and you’ll gain the strength to consider living your dream, too!

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