There is a pervasive reality described and discussed by women who have lived in domestic abuse…it is generally only talked about after we leave.  We don’t want to accept the reality of our lives when we are still living in abuse.

Here’s the one thing:
You did not know you were an abused wife, significant other or girlfriend.  For months, years or decades you did not know, did not believe, did not accept that you were abused.  Your mind told you that you were the strong one, that you were Called to help your abuser live his life between the lines, that for whatever reason you were where you were supposed to be.  Right?

Even after accepting that we were abused, it usually was months or years before we gained the strength, the support, the mindset, to leave.  We are used to believing our lies.  We still feel responsible for helping and supporting our misunderstood, angry-at-the-world abuser.

The one thing you don’t know about living in domestic abuse is that most of us don’t allow our reality to enter our minds, our worlds.  Silence allows the epidemic of domestic abuse to grow, to thrive.  1 in 3 women in the U.S. experience domestic abuse at some time in their lives.  You were not alone.  You are not alone. 

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