As a home-schooled young woman in a small, relatively closed community, at 19 Sarah was attracted to and married a handsome, charismatic and charming young man who swept her off her feet.  Almost immediately, though she was not physically attacked, his rage at the slighted provocation, criticism of her, dangerous, erratic driving, holes punched in walls and smashed dishes created fear and anxiety in her life.  She found that she cowered from her husband, chose not to express her own concern and anger at his behavior and learned how to avoid sparking his fury, as best she could.

After their second child was born, Sarah sought therapy.  It was then that she accepted she was living in domestic abuse.  Three years ago, Sarah escaped her abusive relationship and embarked on a personal growth path.  Taking a huge breath, she left her career as a hair stylist to earn her Associates Degree and paralegal certificate. She now is employed as a paralegal, intends to finish her BA and enroll in law school; Her motivation is to fight for survivors of abuse, especially in law as it relates to child custody.

Sarah describes the frustration of dealing with her abuser, her children’s father, arranging regular visits, holidays and special occasions.  She shares the solution suggested by her attorney, Talking Parents.  For more information about that free program, go to