Without regard to what the abuse was doing to you, were you taught not to embarrass your family by talking about your abuse?  Was the message loud and clear that talking about the way your abuser treated you would bring dishonor, disgrace, to him and the family?

That is the lesson Mickie allowed to direct her actions and responses for many years.  Once she left, she believed that thought-process was resolved.  

Last year when, upon defending herself in a workplace harassment situation, she was told that she had brought embarrassment to her employer.  There it was again!

A poem from Milk and Honey, by Rupi Kaur, brought the parallel of both incidents into clear focus.  Listen as Mickie unravels “no bigger illusion”.

there is no bigger illusion in the world
than the idea that a woman will
bring dishonor into a home
if she tries to keep her heart
and her body safe

Milk and Honey
by rupi kaur