Synchronicity is described as meaningful coincidences…I say it’s a series of happenings in our lives that seem to have no connection, but create a meaningful experience.

That’s happened to me recently, and the unrelated happenings have led me to make significant changes in my podcast, to begin creating facebook videos and to stop playing small.  That’s the biggest “challenge”.  Stop playing small.

The straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak, is a card I received from a friend.  She had no way of knowing about the other occurrences.  The card read:

Today you stand at a milestone in your life.  Behind you are all the struggles and challenges you’ve conquered along the way.  Before you lies a new horizon filled with thrilling possibilities.  Today you choose the direction of your Life.  Go for it!”

I’ve played small by finding reasons not to do those things The Universe (God) has put on my heart and in my mind.  “I don’t have enough time”, I moan.  “My day job is demanding, I’m too tired when I get home”, I whine.

Guess what??

When I made the decision to stop playing small, to take action on the great ideas I’ve been ignoring, I gained lots of energy.  I am psyched to do as much as I can to bring the ideas into Reality.

I feel invigorated again. I feel like “I used to feel”.  Can you relate?  Have you forgotten how fantastic it was to get out of bed real early, be creative, make a difference in your own life and, hopefully, to inspire others?

But I’ve got it back!

I am scared to death that I might fail…and I’m sure some of the things I’ll be attempting won’t be as successful as I envisioned.  The great thing is that I will do them….and I’ll learn.  And a lot of the new things WILL work.

So, my challenge to you is a quote from Rumi.  This is the quote that started the landslide of synchronistic events for me.
“Stop playing small.  You are the entire Universe in ecstatic motion!”

I hope this blog post fits in to your synchronistic experience.  I hope you choose to let your heart sing, allow your creativity to bloom, stop hiding your Light under a basket.

I have thoughts, ideas and inspiration that the world (which may be One Woman), needs to hear.  You do, too.

Today you choose the direction of your Life.  Go for it!!