Wouldn’t you love to have magic words to use when communicating with your narcissist…or any abuser? 

My guest, Lindsey Ellison, tells you exactly what to say on this podcast and in her book by the same title, Magic Words.   Lindsey is an author, a relationship coach and founder of Start Over Coaching, Inc. 

She specializes in helping people break free from narcissistic abuse, navigate their divorce or break-up, and find happiness and peace.

Originally stemming from her own personal experiences, Lindsey’s mission is to inspire you to make those amazing changes in your life to help you start over and find happiness.

Lindsey shared much of her story of transformation after abuse as my podcast guest in March 2018. That very insightful discussion was titled “You are not the only one…you are not alone”.  Check it out.

Today we are talking about her new book “Magic Words, How to get what you want from a Narcissist.”

More information about Linsey, her online courses and her book can be found at https://lindseyellison.com/