As professional women we are strong in our careers as entrepreneurs, CEOs, attorneys and doctors; proficient, well-skilled women.  At work we live in our power.

When we lived in abuse, that powerful person morphed into someone else.  The emotional, financial and physical abuse at home caused us to abandon our business power…we changed into someone else.  Someone our abuser created.

Now that we are out of abuse, we have the option to create our authentic lives 24/7/365.  We have the choice to stay in that condo we created in Victimhood or ebb and flow into who we were created to be.  A strong woman in all phases of our lives.

Professional women over 50 is a niche of domestic abuse that is underserved.  Much support and inspiration are available for younger women.  Those of us who are professional women, who are over 50 AND who lived in domestic abuse … we are overlooked.

Mickie owned golf courses with her former husband.  She lived a privileged life.  She shares her experience and process in embracing her authentic self after leaving her abuser.  She was 53:  No longer a “spring chicken”. Her transformation and growth experiences are real and achievable. And, it continues! She is morphing her business from Surviving Abuse Network to Shatterproof Thriving After Domestic Abuse.

Mickie shares ideas for you to live in your power, too…you’ve got this!