When a baby elephant is born into a circus it is tethered to a spike in the ground by a heavy chain. Eventually the huge (enormous!) adult animal is tethered to the spike with a rope…which she could easily break. But, because of conditioning, she thinks the rope is as strong as the chain…so she doesn’t pull against it.

Each of us is just like that elephant in one way: Each of us is “tethered” to old thoughts, actions, plans, relationships, our homes, our jobs, beliefs in ourselves….usually false beliefs in ourselves.

One of my coaches told our group to take the “f” out of beliefs. Then we were left with Be Lies. We were asked to write a paragraph or a list of Be Lies about ourselves! What lie(s) are holding you to Being some one or some thing you don’t want to be?

Women have many roles…Mother, daughter, wife, significant other, partner, girl friend to your girl friends…and to your boy friends. We are bosses and employees. We are entrepreneurs and home makers. I am asking you to consider how many of these roles don’t fit you anymore. Or, how many have you outgrown, but not told anyone yet?

Just like the elephant who is tethered by the be-lie that she’s restrained by a heavy chain instead of a rope, you have an area in your life holding you back from fulfilling some need, desire, wish, goal, hope. I encourage you to test the strength of the rope that’s restraining you. Pull against it! stretch it out…or break it right off!

Post a comment here to let me know what you intend to do to test the strength of your rope…or what you’ve done in the past to break the rope.

Are you ready to test the strength of the ropes holding you in places you’ve outgrown?

Wouldn’t you love to be included in a group of 50+ year old women who are moving from Where they are to Who they are…with the support and encouragement of each other?

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