One of the most wonder-full facts about your Life is this:  What lies before you is your choice!

  • Are you not happy with the way your career has developed?
  • Did you “plan” to have your house paid off by now?
  • Your children don’t come visit as often as you thought they would?
  • You don’t live where it’s warm and palm trees sway?
  • You are still putting up with being someone else’s doormat; the underdog?

Guess what?

Each of those examples can change, and so can anything else in your life that isn’t playing out in real-life like it is in the video in your mind.  I encourage you to take a good look at that mind-video.  That is your desire; that is your real, authentic life.

Embrace this reality:  What lies before you is your choice!

Many of us don’t like to hear that we create our reality?

“What?  I chose to

  • be an alcoholic
  • live in an abusive relationship
  • be an assistant rather than the vet
  • remain living in a cold, wintry (or hot or expensive) locale

In a word:  Yes

Here is your thought for this week:  What lies before you is your choice!

Absolutely anything happening in your life that you don’t enjoy can change.  And, Y.O.U. hold the key to that change.

A lot of responsibility?  You bet it is!

A frightening realization?  Absolutely!

You may not yet be ready to accept the duty to change your situation.

That’s OK.  The truth is that most people don’t change until they hit the bottom until their life situation is too unbearable to continue in that direction, until the pain or remaining the same is greater than the fear of making change.

I have a friend who’s “boyfriend” is married to someone else.  She complains that he doesn’t spend enough time with her; she knows the solution but she’s comfortable enough with her current reality that she’s not ready to make a change.

One of my friends has been single for nearly 25 years.  She says she wants to be in a relationship, but she hardly ever leaves her house…she even works from home.  She does not join groups, go to plays or local events; she refuses to consider dating sites.  What choice is she making?

I was married for thirty-four years to a man who was controlling, often verbally, and periodically physically, abusive. Thirty-four years!!!  I left several times but went back to the situation.  I told myself I was going to get out.  I created an alternative life in my mind, where I didn’t live in fear and walk on eggshells.   But, I stayed…for thirty-four years!  Now I look back and wonder why I was such a slow learner.  I also know that no one changes until the pain is great enough; until absolutely they’ve had enough.

If you know there is a specific area in your life you’d like to change, only you can begin the process.  And, you won’t likely be successful until this major event occurs.

  • You change your attitude, your mindset, your perspective about that aspect of your life

You might leave the abusive relationship, but odds are very strong that you’ll go back if you don’t change your thoughts and beliefs about who you are, what you deserve.

You might vow to quit drinking or using, but for most people that won’t work without the support of a coach, counselor or group.

The fear of moving to a new area or State (or even to a new country) will keep you right smack where you are until you begin making changes in your mind.

Making a change doesn’t always mean moving out, moving to a new place, taking a huge leap into a brand new reality.   If you’ve done the inside preparation, you are ready to jump off the cliff of the known into a new reality. If you haven’t done the inside work, begin with baby-steps, holding your New Life, your new vision, plainly and clearly in your mind.

What’s a baby-step?

Begin searching for a coach, counselor or clergy who Knows your situation. Someone who has lived where you are living now and has survived, not just read about situations similar to yours.  That person that you relate to will show up.

Investigate 12-step programs for co-dependence, escaping the clutches of alcohol or drugs, getting out of abusive relationships.

Notice I said begin searching and investigate.  The first step is to check out your options.  It’s safe, it’s not so frightening.

The next step is to be committed to making the change, to eventually creating the life you’re living in your mind.  Admit that you probably won’t permanently make the change alone.  Commit to yourself and an accountability partner; someone who will support and encourage your process.

As you become stronger, you’ll be ready to attend a meeting, set an appointment, be honest with yourself and someone else.

What lies before you is YOUR choice.  Like it or not, we create our realities.  Choose to take a baby-step toward changing your reality today.

You can do this!