“I have been broken 1000 times and each time I built an alter on the edges of my brokenness, lamenting what was lost, left, denied.”
Jerome Braggs

Sound familiar?  Sure does to me!

I didn’t just build alters at the edges of my brokenness….I built condos!  Man, I planned to hang out there a while, wallowing in the rage of unfairness, the wrath of disrespect, lousy luck and disservice.  Whatever I could grasp to blame…besides me, of course.

What happens when we choose not to move beyond disappointment and hurt?  Those alters, emotions, condominiums and that negative vocalization attract more of the same.

Think about it!

Has anything ever improved while you’re hanging out there in self pity?


So if you’re there right now, choose to sell the condo, disassemble the alter…get yourself moving.  There are much better things ahead.

“Today I am still breaking…but my alter sits at a different place; on the edge of what has become broken open.  And I celebrate what has come birthed, brought to the Light. What has been broken is never as important as what it has broken open for me; lessons, growth”
Jerome Braggs

I don’t know why Life is created so that pain and disappointment precede growth.  It’s a Universal Truth.

Sometimes I think the process represents re-birth. To move from the edges of brokenness, to celebrate what has come birthed … what has broken open;  brought to the Light.

That describes re-birth.

We know that, most often, nothing changes until the pain is great enough.

Inventions, books, existence catapulted from living in the street to dramatic monetary success….they all are created from need, from pain.

Setting aside your opinions about Neil Donald Walsch, I can relate to God asking him if he’s “had enough?”  Can’t you?

When we’ve “had enough” we change…we accept the lesson, we grow, we face our Truth.

If you are currently at the alter at the edges of your brokenness, it’s up to you to move to a different place.

Our beliefs, attitudes, Realities are our choices.  Choose re-birth.

If you are at the edge of what has been broken open and you realize that is where to build your alter…in the Light, in the newness of your Authentic Self;   Congratulations!

Life IS an amazing Journey and the miracle of It is that, happy or sad,  we are the creators of our Reality, of our Lives.  I invite you to choose joy, love, Light: lessons, growth, truth.