It’s about how you feel

How often have you set a goal and it is NOT reached. You set it with good and honest intention, but the stars didn’t align, the Universe didn’t approve…

NOPE,  you didn’t focus on the feeling you’d achieve by reaching the goal…OR, the feeling you’d achieve was too frightening or out of alignment with who you are to bring into reality.

Pishasww, you say?  Well, what’s your excuse?  Science and studies say my reasoning is correct!!

It’s best when we set goals that match the way we envision our lives;  The improvement, the accomplishment, creates an emotion we are ready to accept.

When I was working in a network marketing company my goal was to reach the top of the company, to drive a Mercedes for which I held the pink lip, and I earned a strong 6 figure income.

The problem?

I believed I could accomplish those goals…I just didn’t whole-heartedly believe in the product I was selling.

I had lots of top level producers telling me I had what it takes to reach the top. Many of my mentors supported my drive, my action, my apparent determination.  I didn’t believe in the product.  I was out of integrity.  NO WAY would I achieve those goals with that company.

It’s not about the goal,  it’s about how you feel.

When I left the network marketing industry and fully immersed myself in an industry that matched my integrity, my beliefs, in alignment with my values,
money, success and validation flowed to me without tremendous effort.


Because I knew how that success would feel.

It’s not about the goal…it’s about how achieving the goal will make you feel.