As we grow older, more mature and more reflective, many of us wonder “Is that all there is to my life?”  That moment occurred for me at age 53.  I realized I wanted more…and that I had more time behind me than ahead of me. 

Actually, at that point I decided I was half-way through my life because I now intend to live to be 106.

Why 106, you’re wondering?  Because the first 53 years of my life were for everyone else; these 53 are Mine.  When I wondered “Is that all there is to my life?”,  my answer was Absolutely Not. And I began to change.

I believe in marriage, happy marriage.  Mine wasn’t happy anymore, so I changed that.  I believe in women being strong, assertive, caring and in control of their lives.  I was none of those things at that point, so I changed that.  I believe I am able to support myself emotionally and financially.  I wasn’t doing that, so I changed.  At 65 I re-married…I never thought that would happen but I re-connected with a prior (high school) flame and reignited my life as part of a couple.

Knowing Who I am, doing the work to create my Authentic Life prior to becoming a marriage partner again, has created unbounded joy in this new experience.  It is so darn much fun Being Me, sharing Me, appreciating Me for who I am.

The Mission of my company “The Second 53 Years” is to inspire women over 50 to move from Where we are to Who we are.  If you’re wondering “Is that all there is?”, change is in order.  No matter your age…there is a lot more for you to accomplish in this Life!

“The Second 53 Years” is a podcast, blog, web page and facebook page.  I had never heard of podcasts just months before I became a podcast host.  The learning curve was steep, and some of the technology I pass off to others.  Listen to my very first podcast called “Rosie’s Story” and then listen to “Don’t let others scare you” or “Is That All There Is”…you’ll hear a tremendous difference.

Why do I encourage you to do this?

To show you that nothing has to be perfect when you get started. My first podcasts are pretty rough.  The content is good, but the quality had a lot of room for improvement.  This month’s shows are much better…. In a year they’ll be even better.

Just start…don’t wait for the perfect opportunity or a perfect product!  Do what you want to do so your life will feel fulfilled and like it’s “your Life”.

We aren’t promised tomorrow, next month, next year.

This IS your Life now.  Take control….

My guests and I have taken the leap.  I encourage you to do the same.  I bet in a year you’ll say “I love my Life” rather than wonder, “Is That All There Is?”

Are you willing to look at where you are and make changes to become who you are?  The choice is yours.