Jacqui Oh is a career teacher, student and vocalist who loves to ask questions, from dumb to inappropriate and often introspective. Jacqui likes to have fun.

She is passionate about education, diversity and culture. All of those areas are addressed on her podcast, StartDis. She is also a victim turned thriver of domestic abuse. Her story in this interview is openly shared with heart-felt honesty and emotion.

While Jacqui’s abusive relationship did not last many years, the trauma was tremendous. They were young: late teens, early 20s. They dated off and on for a couple of years. Controlling behavior led to threats of suicide and murder.

Still she moved in with him, believing he would not be physically violent toward her. She was wrong. And, after living together for just 4 months, he burned their apartment to the ground!

Listen to and share this woman’s tremendous story.

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