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Oh, how often I thought that, while living in abuse; “I am never going to be good enough!”

Gia is open, honest, raw and descriptive of her abuser’s behavior toward her.  She is the same about her actions, doing everything she could not to incite his anger, fury, dangerous actions toward her.  Walking on eggshells.  Living in fear.

She tells us how she tried so hard to love him enough, to not say things that would make him angry, to be home immediately after work, to leave work when he demanded she do so.  

She describes his unreasonable accusations, how he threatened a friend with a gun, how she finally realized she could not live that way any longer.

Then she encountered a judge who would not allow mention of domestic abuse.  The judge refused any evidence or police reports and gave their child’s abusive Dad equal shared custody, without supervision.

Gia’s is a horrific, and not uncommon, story.  Listen to this strong woman’s description of her life in abuse, and how she is now creating a safe place to share her story?to speak her Truth!

If you have questions or would like to host Gia on your podcast, she can be reached at giacontini13@gmail.com

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