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For 22 years, Chandra Bachu knew what it was like to live in domestic abuse. She tried to escape; staying in shelters three different times, but without money saved, she returned home?.to daily abuse.

She said, “I was looking for my way out and didn’t get it.  I gave up and stayed because I wanted my kids to sleep on a bed, go to school, and we would not have to fear for our lives, because it would be worse if we left.”

After many years volunteering with Cynthia Pinkney Ministries, she now spends her time helping to give families a new beginning through her organization: A Red Rose Foundation, Inc.

Certainly a like-minded woman, she is quoted online saying
“I believe nothing happens by coincidence.  Taking a mess and turning it into a message is what life is about. Giving a mom hope for a new beginning can impact the rest of her life and her children.  Environment changes people. Our goal is changing the next generation by helping mom; we are creating a new life for these kids,” 

Learn more about Chandra Bachu and her organization, A Red Rose Foundation, Inc. at www.ARedRoseFoundationInc.com


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