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“Hello, I as Suzanna.  I’m too Emotional.  I’m also too Sensitive, too Needy.  I’m Incapable. Unqualified.  I’m Like a Sailor (if I cuss). Life a Virgin (when I play innocent). Like a Whore (when I play).  I’m often Mistaken and very often Wrong…unless I’m right, then I’m Out of Line.  Then I Have it Coming.”

My guest is Suzanna Quintana.  The words above resonate with me…you, too?  We can’t do anything right…and when we do, we are out of line, aggressive, we “have it coming”.

Suzanna is a writer, abuse survivor, women’s advocate, feminist and single Mother of 3 boys.  She serves as a guiding voice to those ready to escape their pain and claim their space in the Light of freedom.

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