My guest just celebrated 10 years out of abuse…she created a Facebook video and titled it her “Survivor-versary”!

A long hard road that began as a young child through abuse by her step-father, she was conditioned that being treated poorly was “normal”.

My guest is author Melinda Kunst.

At 17 Melinda moved into teen dating violence … like most of us, she ignored the red flags. Now, she teaches teens and parents to pay attention to their daughters’ behaviors and words, to listen for control or abuse…she teaches teens not to ignore the red flags, like she did.

Her teen violence boyfriend said he’d kill himself and/or her and her family if she left him…he was a bully. She married him out of fear…

When they were married, it looked good on the Outside; her friends thought she had married her ideal guy and that she was happy. From the start, inside the marriage relationship, behind closed doors, her life was one of terror, rampant jealousy, and consistent, constant control by her husband.

After she escaped, as part of her healing Journey, Melinda began writing a blog titled Hope When There Was None. It’s now a Facebook page; check it out!

Melinda Kunst is the author of two books Call Me Master and Awakening the Beauty of Life Without Abuse. Both are available on Amazon.