An old country song I heard this morning turned on a bright AH-HA light in my mind.  “There goes my life…there goes my future…”

I don’t know about you, but I remember feeling that way.  I remember thinking “There goes my life…”.  The song, of course, is about an unplanned pregnancy and it’s got a happy ending.

My “song” was about living the life I chose.  It was about not being happy.  I thought I was stuck there … forever. Living in control is what I knew as my reality.  Walking on egg shells, being afraid, wondering when the next blow up would occur…sometimes forcing it just to end the tension.

Turned out, I figured out that I was keeping myself in that stuck place.  We DO create our realities.

Personal growth, coaching, and counseling and finally applying all that I was taught, all that I learned.

Change is an inside job.

Nothing changes until we change.

We all have three choices:

  • Let things stay the same; stay stuck; accept this as your reality…forever
  • Make changes; get counseling for you and your spouse/partner; learn and grow
  • Get out. If the way it is now is unacceptable (1), and if getting help, making changes doesn’t work (2) then the only option is to get out.

I encourage you, today, to think about where you are, what you want to change, do you think you can positively influence your abuser?  I know, for me, I had to try everything I could think of before I made the final decision to leave.  By then I had done the work on me.  I was ready.

Are you?  Are you ready to make a choice 1-2 or 3?  Don’t do anything until you know for sure.

And, this lesson applies not only to abuse or damaging relationships.  It also applies to jobs, negative friends, just about anything. 1-2 or 3!??