Abraham Lincoln said, “The best thing about the future is it comes one day at a time”.  For how many of us is that a surprising revelation?…

Well, not really, because we know it’s true in real life.  In our minds, though, don’t we travel far, far, far beyond our current day, anticipating what the next hundreds of “tomorrows” will be like?

Planning is a good thing, of course.  I have great plans for the future.

This is what I know for sure:   I understand that I have no real control of those plans because there are a skillion unknowns that will likely make changes I have not even considered possible.

That’s why I always pray “this or something better!”

You’ve heard me say I hold visions, images of things and occurrences I want to happen in the future.  And they do manifest in my life.  Sometimes years later.  That is true.

I held in my mind that I would not live in abuse forever.  I envisioned living in Florida near the beach.  I “knew” I was going to live in a beach house, where I looked out the front window at the ocean.

All of those things did happen.  The Key (I strongly believe The Key) is that I held the vision but not How it would happen.  How isn’t my job:  that’s what God takes care of.  Once we set a focused attention and Belief in something, and we hold it, see it, feel it;  it will happen.  But probably not tomorrow.

Now, as an aside here’s a story that happened to me about seven years ago.

I spent a few winter months in Florida and on my way back to Illinois, as I drove along the freeway, I prayed that I wanted to get back into the golf industry.  I prayed that I was open and willing to follow Divine Time and Divine intent.  Then I turned it over to God, to the Universe, to Spirit. I prayed “this or something better”.

Guess what?

In FIVE MINUTES my cell phone rang.  It was a person I had given a job to many years previous and he now managed several golf clubs.  He offered me a job!

Of course, I accepted.

He said, somewhat warily,  “Mickie, I haven’t told you where it is or how much I’ll pay”.  My response was “I’ll take it…wherever it is and whatever it pays”.

That is the only time anything has ever manifested quickly for me.  I’m just sayin’, it can!

Generally, I hold the intention and the emotion of having what I want for weeks, or months, or years, no longer living in abuse for example.  That didn’t happen fast but there was a reason.

What I got, when I held my intention for that major life change, was the opportunity to grow myself, to gain confidence and strength in Me. Lots of things came across my path that provided the opportunity for me to change. Then when I was ready to leave, I was ready to leave and not come back.  Huge difference.  Leave…and not come back!

Holding intentions for the future is vitally important.

That being said, today is what we do have, not the future, not even tomorrow.  If you’re reading this you are alive, and thinking, and capable of making decisions for yourself.

You are, right?  Are you paying attention?

Today I encourage you to make one simple decision…

Ok, today I encourage you to make TWO simple decisions:

  • Create a smile exercise, (an affirmation or positive statement if you want to call it that), and say it at least 10 consecutive times while you smile. It’s best if you say it out loud, it’s really good if you say it out loud in front of a mirror. But you can say it silently in your mind. Just be sure you smile. (smiling increases your positive energy!  Do it… a lot!)

Here’s an example “Today I easily smile and choose to see good things around me” or “Today I choose to be happy” or “I know my life is my creation and I choose to be happy”.

  • Accept, just for today, that anticipating fear and same ol’, same ol’ tomorrow or next week or next year is not your Truth. We create our Truth in our minds.   And, we have no control over how it comes to us.  Begin today to see your life as authentic.  See yourself living where you want to live; working for yourself or in your dream job; free of fear, judgment, anxiety.

Live your Life every single day as best you are able.  Choose your best life every day.  Envision, see, FEEL what tomorrow and the future will be like but  (here’s the huge caveat), let go of the “how” it’s going to happen.

Just know that it will.