I hope you have been blessed with at least one friend you’ve known all your life;  The one who KNOWS you.

Today it seems like kids don’t “play” together…they do play video games while sitting on the same couch, but does that really count?  They “talk” by texting.  Do you really get to know your friends that way?  Is a bond created that will last a lifetime?  I hear about friends and family members who text back and forth, even while they’re in the same room!

Most of my acquaintances have a friend they’ve known since kindergarten, at least since early elementary school.  Many people I know, including my husband, grew up in the same town, attended the same school as all their friends from grade 1 through grade 12; they played on the same sport teams since T-ball and joined the same academic and social clubs.  Maybe those types of friendships continue through retirement;  I don’t hear much about those people staying in close contact, though.  They see each other at Class Reunions where nobody recognizes each other!

My family moved a lot as I was growing up.  I attended 5 or 6 elementary schools and 3 different high schools…in three different States.  But I developed a long time best friend.  A BFF as my grandkids say today.  She and I have stayed in contact for most of our lives!  The shocking Reality is…we’ve been friends since 1960.  My family supported Nixon, hers supported Kennedy.  We bought Dr. Kildare and BosaNova shirts together.  We learned to cook and clean in Home Ec classes; we walked to the city pool and swam without adult supervision.  We talked about everything… we were inseparable during those personality forming years.

Now she is a Democrat.  Me?  Republican.  She went to college right out of high school.  I got married within months of graduating high school…college for me was delayed 5 years. She worked in the corporate world as a project manager.  I took an entrepreneurial path.  She is very black-and-white, I’m pretty wooo-wooo!

We each have one child; our basic foundational beliefs are very similar.  My sister once commented that my friend and I write cursive in a similar manner.  We have remained close friends through all these years.

My son is getting married this year.  She is sitting at the family table with me and all my biological sisters.  She is family.

I hope kids today are forming friendships that will last a lifetime.  Having a friend who knows your history is somehow different and sometimes more resilient than biological connections.

Life is an amazing Journey…a long term friend adds to the joy.  I hope you have one, too.