Six birds were sitting on a wire.  Two of them decided to fly to a nearby beautiful oak tree, where they could build a nest and raise a family.  How many birds are left on the wire?

Six, of course!  Deciding to do something is not the same as taking action…just like positive thinking does nothing until emotion gets involved; then action occurs!

I decided I “had to” create retirement income.  When I got divorced at 53, what I got was “out”.  No alimony, no pension plan (we were self employed).

When I turned 60 I realized retirement was potentially around the corner and I was not prepared.  Yep, I may have had my head in the sand (do ya think?!?!)  Somehow retirement seemed a long way off at 59!

I thought about and thought about how to generate more income besides my day job…which I loved and planned to work until I was 70.  I decided for quite some time that an entrepreneurial venture was my only option for income and time freedom.  I thought and I decided…for a few years.

Nothing happened!

Finally, about two years ago, I got excited about podcasting.  (got excited = emotion!)  I began investigating options and opportunities.  I learned about the podcasting industry and found a source for education, accountability and support.
At that point, I gained confidence that I could host a podcast. (confidence = emotion, too!)

For several years I was like the two birds, talking and deciding to move to a better place.  Talking and deciding are the precursor to emotion and action, but they don’t create anything but a possible plan.  Yes, I agree with you, A Plan is necessary.  However, lots of people have plans and blueprints for their lives…stashed in a drawer somewhere, or in a pile in their bedrooms.

If you have created a plan, while sitting there on the wire, choose today to take one small action step toward achieving your goal.  It can be a tiny thing, like pulling out the written blueprint or list.  Tomorrow, do one more little thing, perhaps calling someone to ask a question, or googling for more information  …and the next day take one more baby step, and the next day…

There is no reason to think you will complete your dream in one day…or one week…or one year.  You will feel much better when you begin taking action, though.  You will!

I “thought and decided” for several years.  Finally, my emotion caught fire and so did my action.  The result is this blog, podcast, web page and facebook page.  I am having a blast.  People are beginning to respond…I’m having a fun time and I now can Vision a very real retirement income (it’s starting to flow!)

It’s my goal to keep moving forward; yep, it is growing more slowly than I thought it would.  That’s OK.  I’m learning a lot along the way,  my energy for this entrepreneurial adventure is high, I’m finding new ways to grow (personally, professionally and monetarily).

Life is good.  Choose today to fly from the wire…head for that oak tree…take a baby step.  Just do it. You won’t be sorry!