Have you ever waken up in the morning and told yourself you don’t deserve to eat?  Ever forced your skinny, tiny self to exercise many hours a day to burn off “unnecessary” calories?

Did you know that 10 million men and 20 million women struggle with clinically significant eating disorders, such as bulimia and anorexia?  Did you know that the mortality rate of people suffering from eating disorders is dramatically higher than the general population?

I have friends and friends have friends, children, relatives who suffer with eating disorders.  It touches most of our lives, and those afflicted with the disease are generally young people…13 to 24.  Yes, some are older…shockingly, some are younger!  Once it has control of a life, it does not let go…it’s a life long challenge.

Young people with eating disorders are often forced, by well-meaning adults, to eat…I recently learned that eating isn’t the problem.  The problem is getting rid of the food that’s in the body.  I honestly never thought of the challenge from that perspective!  Welcome to the reality of living with an eating disorder.

A friend recently wrote a moving, honest and shocking face book post about her 25 year struggle with eating disorders.  It was the most eye-opening description of the disorder that I’ve ever encountered.  She got to the point of passing out from hunger, but her mind would not allow her to nourish her body.  She lied to herself, to her family, to her friends, about eating.

Eating disorders are addictions…methods of exerting control…coping mechanisms.  “WHAT????” you’re thinking. Yeah, I thought that, too. Until now.

Eating disorders are at an epidemic level in the United States.  Most health insurance companies don’t consider eating disorders a disease, so getting treatment is expensive.  It’s also hard to find.  But there is help and there is support for families and for those living with this challenge.

Please listen to my podcast “Eating Disorders: Struggles and Success”. My friend opens a door to Truth that I found fascinating and shocking. For 25 years she has lived in the world of control created by eating disorders.  She found a Path out.  She is now a coach specializing in helping others living with this addiction.

Do you know someone affected by eating disorders?  I bet you do! Choose to spend 30 minutes getting a first-hand description of the disease; it’s a front row seat on someone else’s roller coaster of Life.