It was Satchel Paige, the famous baseball player, who said “Don’t look back…something may be gaining on you!”

Man, I can relate to that, can’t you?

I allow my past to “gain on me” more often than I care to admit.  I find myself reprimanding “me” for failures, mis-steps, saying stupid stuff, much more often than I even care to admit!

In the past I looked back on my life with regret.  Regret that I didn’t spend more holidays with my parents; regrets that I worked too much and missed too many of my son’s ball games;  regret that I didn’t take more vacations, have more fun.

On my path to becoming who I am, it was imperative that I let go of those regrets.

I learned that each action I had regretted provided me a lesson to take forward in my Life.  The Lesson:  Don’t do that again!

Our actions, our realities, are our choice.  I’ve learned to better prioritize my choices, my Reality.  I learned to change my thought process.  I was a dyed in the wool workaholic.  I still like to work, but I make time for my family and my friends now.  I’ve created a balance I knew existed…I just wasn’t ready to make the change, to embrace that balance, until recently.

Change is scary.  And, I’ve discovered that it’s true;  people only change when the pain is too great to stay the same.  I’ve experienced great pain.  So has most anyone who is now living in their Second 53 Years.

It’s true that living a life in the past, looking back, is not healthy.  It’s also true that we learn from our mistakes, so examining them is a good thing.  Just don’t dwell there.  Don’t allow our past experiences, good or bad, to significantly impact our future life.

We create our current life…and our future life…with our thoughts, emotions and actions.  If your life is on a kilter you aren’t enjoying, only you can change that.

No matter our age, our Reality, our luck, our attitudes are our choice.  Don’t  blame your past, you control your thoughts and emotions about that.

Want a better Today.  Create it.  You can do this!

If you’d like a little help, I am offering  a free ebook called “What If…your life could be different?”  It can be, if you’re willing to change.

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