I’ve taken some wonderful risks, adventures, treks in my Life;  Most strenuous ones when I was younger.  My favorite?  A bicycle trip across the U.S. with my (then) husband;  I was 24 Six weeks of riding every day, nights camping in the wilderness or in city parks.  It was wonder-full. And, by the end of it I was in great shape!

Lots of people especially close friends and family, discouraged the bike trip.  They tossed all sorts of fears at us.  What if…”you have a flat tire”;  “you get lost”; “you’re harassed by mean people along the way”; “you run out of water”.

We ignored them.  We went anyway.  We had a blast…it’s one of my favorite memories and I still tell stories about events along the way.

And we gained confidence in our abilities to preserve, to deal with bad weather out in the open and In Ourselves overall.

Now I’m older.  My recent adventures seem to be in the realm of personal growth rather than physical exertion.  I walk now…tried running but it’s not my thing.  I “swim” in the Gulf…but not like those folks who are doing laps out there!  I mostly walk around in the water searching for sand dollars and shells with my feet.

I’ve recently been inspired to consider a trek along the Camino de Santiago!  My friend, Louise, did it this year and she’s going back.  A few of my facebook friends are hiking right now…others are already scheduled later this year and next year.

Alan and I have a cruise scheduled in 2018.  Why not schedule a trek along the Camino de Santiago  (The Way)?  I’m giving it serious thought. I haven’t mentioned it to Alan yet! 

How about you?  Are you considering an Adventure any time in the next year or two? Is this Adventure moving you from Where you are to Who you are?

I’d love to hear about your thoughts and plans.  And, I encourage you not to let people scare you away from your Adventure.  You’ve got this…go for it!

Call and leave a message about your Adventure and why you’re considering it…or why you did it (like my bicycle trip years ago) and what you learned.  Call 941-270-3041.  Your message will be played on my weekly podcast, The Second 53 Years.
Here we go….Life is an amazing Journey…share you story!