Laurel Anne Hill grew up in San Francisco, with more dreams of an adventure than good sense or money. Her close brushes with death, love of family, respect for honor and belief in a higher power influence her writing and life.

Her early home life included a happy-drunk Grandfather and a mean-drunk Dad:  So mean and violent that she, her Mother, Grandmother, and brother often hid in the basement to escape his wrath.

This life pattern, of course, set the stage for the first marriage to an abuser.  It also created fertile ground in her mind to create heroic female characters and alternate Universes.  At the age of 5, before she could read or write, she dictated stories to her older sister and used paper cut-outs as an illustration!

Her journey through childhood violence and domestic emotional abuse led Laurel Anne to become a strong, creative, talented and honored author.

Laurel Anne’s best-selling book, The Engine Woman’s Light, has won prestigious awards in the category of steampunk…which she explains is a fascinating alternative literary Universe.  Laurel Ann’s diverse life experience has inspired her creative mind in many ways, as you’ll discover in this podcast conversation.

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