Magic Words to Use with a Narcissist”

My guest, Lindsey Ellison, tells you exactly what to say on this podcast and in her book by the same title, Magic Words.   Lindsey is an author, a relationship coach and founder of Start Over Coaching, Inc. 

Your Most Abundant Year

How is it possible for this to be your most abundant year?  That’s what I wondered…then I thought about what “abundant” really means!

One Thing You Don’t Know About Living in Domestic Abuse

There is a pervasive reality described and discussed by women who have lived in domestic abuse…it is generally only talked about after we leave.  We don’t want to accept the reality of our lives when we are still living in abuse.

Your Ripples Will Change Someone’s World

As kids, we threw rocks into water to watch the ripples…I still do!  I like to see how far they will travel.  We know that ripples of light and sound travel into infinity.

Your Abuse was Not About You

My guest’s Mission is to break the stigma of being abused by breaking her silence.  One of the realities that empowered her and that she teaches other victims of abuse is that your abuse was not about you.  It was about your abuser.

I Created My Own Name

When I decided to create my own name, I apprehensively told my grown, very conservative, son.  His response on the phone, when I invited him and his wife to dinner to talk about me choosing a new name:  “OH, this is gonna be good!”

Aimee Cabo: God is the Answer

Aimee Cabo’s life is a testament to the power of honesty, love, belief, faith and survival.

At age 15, she was part of what the Miami media dubbed “The Case from Hell”—a sexual abuse case that pitted her parents against her and her sister. Beaten daily by her Mother, it’s no wonder she was attracted to abusive partners.

Anything the Boys Did Was OK

Like the fact or not, each of us has a life pattern, some “program” deep in our brain that creates our attraction to abusers. My lesson, my program, was “Anything the boys did was OK.” 


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