You May Be the Exact Inspiration Another Woman Needs with Mickie Zada

You never know the influence you have on someone’s life.  As you deal with your reality, feeling like you are drowning in emotions and responsibility, someone else’s view of you is that of inspiration, strength, and success.

My cousin died last week.  She was a favorite cousin, my big sister by proxy.   She was the one I ran to when I left my abuser for the very first time.

Lessons in Life and Love with Riana Milne

It was the lies and emotional abuse that lead my guest to research and discover that BOTH her Exs had extreme childhood trauma.

She said “This fact was something NOT taught in a triple Masters program in Psychology!”

God Must See So Much Strength in Me

Her abusive marriage mirrored a made-for-TV movie. Then she decided that God must see so much strength in her; she shifted her focus from victim to thriver.

There is Always an Upside

Many of us can relate to Rena Romano’s statement that for many years, on the outside her life looked perfect. She was a successful business woman, friends were envious, her Mother was proud. On the inside she was dying, a broken soul. Harboring a horrific secret since childhood, no one knew the pain she was suffering.

YEA! I Finally Got 50/50 Custody of My Daughter!

A 90-day temporary order took two years to resolve…YEA!  I finally got 50/50 custody of my daughter!
This conversation is not to discourage anyone.  It is to validate that right can eventually prevail, even in custody cases with abusive Dads.

Hope When There Was None Melinda Kunst

My guest just celebrated 10 years out of abuse…she created a Facebook video and titled it her “Survivor-versary”! A long hard road that began as a young child through abuse by her step-father, she was conditioned that being treated poorly was “normal”.


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