“The Choice to be Happy” By Mickie Zada

Happiness, which is part of our daily reality, is a choice.  When I think about it, we breathe without any thought or effort…our bodies simply do what needs to be done to keep us alive (which is not simple, really…everything our bodies do is very complicated…my point...

“Life Could Be a Dream” By Mickie Zada

So, it seems like songs are my inspiration recently.  This morning it’s “Sh-boom, Sh-boom, ya, da,da,da,da,da, sh- boom, sh-boom… life could be a dream, sweetheart!”  It was a 1954 hit by The Chords.  I’m not old enough to really remember this original song, but it’s...

“It’s Never Too Late” By Mickie Zada

You have got to believe; it’s never too late!  I hear people say, and I bet you do, too….”I’m too old to do that!”; “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”; “It is what it is…I’ll live this way the rest of my life”. Here is Southwest Florida there are a lot of older...

“Hey Horse….Here’s the Water!” By Mickie Zada

I LOVE that comment, “Hey Horse…Here’s the Water!”  I heard it last night while listening to a training video.  The point, of course, is “You can lead a horse to water….”  but a small percentage of those led actually drink! There are a gazillion classes, groups,...

Change is an In-side Job By Mickie Zada

If you’ve followed my podcasts, live videos or blogs you’ve heard the story about young circus elephants being tethered by heavy chains conditioned that they could only move a certain distance. Once they are “trained”, the chain is replaced with a rope.  A rope the...


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