Since you left your abusive relationship, do your friends and family think you may have lost your mind?  You had it all, right?  Nice home, strong businesses, important jobs, a good relationship…well, that’s what it looked like.

Was it a mid-life crisis that spurred you to finally leave?  I doubt it, but whatever it was, HURRAAAY!  

Now you’re able to create the life you love.  Change is exciting, and somewhat disconcerting.  Choose to join groups and meet ups for business women.  Find online groups.  Decide to finally write that book, start painting again.  “He won’t let me” isn’t a good excuse anymore, is it?

Join me on face book’s two pages, Surviving Abuse Network.  One is an open page (it has the Survive Abuse logo and my pictures).  The other is a private page, ask to join!  It has a picture of a bird in its cage with the door wide open.

Thanks!  See you there!