It’s the holiday season, right?  And, the best way to resolve frustration, loneliness, anger, distress … holiday blues?  Eat.  

In “Eat, Pray and Love Yourself” Mickie tells an embarrassing story about the power of a box of chocolates had over her! 

This time of year, we do set ourselves up for being hurt, disappointed, feeling like we don’t quite fit in, not included.  Don’t you agree? What is it that causes those emotions?

Programmed Lessons; things we have been taught that control a lot of our reactions and feelings.  We are able to change those Programmed Lessons and baby-steps are one way to begin shifting how we feel about and how much we choose to enjoy this holiday season.

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You’ll find a really good recipe for Mulled Wine with Cranberries there, too!
Happy Holidays!