Aimee Cabo’s life is a testament to the power of honesty, love, belief, faith and survival.

At age 15, she was part of what the Miami media dubbed “The Case from Hell”—a sexual abuse case that pitted her parents against her and her sister. Beaten daily by her Mother, it’s no wonder she was attracted to abusive partners.

To this day, Aimee credits her faith in God and the love of her support network for getting her through.

Years later, she would need that same faith and love when her daughter was brutally beaten into a coma. Her daughter’s against-the-odds recovery alone is enough to restore your faith, but set in the context of this incredible family’s life, it is even more moving.

Contact Aimee on Facebook at God is the Cure, which is also the name of her first book, available on Amazon and in bookstores across the Country.