The average life expectancy in the United States is 78 years for men, about 80 years for women.  80 years!  That just isn’t enough!!!

If I transition when I’m 80, I won’t have finished nearly all that I have planned.  I plan on living 26 more years…and that probably won’t be enough either.

My first 53 years were spent supporting, encouraging, inspiring others at the expense of myself.  At 53 I had no idea who I was.  So, I decided to change.

And I did.

“The Second 53 Years” is founded on the premise that I was not, and I am not, the only woman who discovered her Authentic Self, her True Voice, after living many years for others.  I don’t regret those years and I hope you don’t either.  They were sometimes happy, sometimes rewarding: All the time full of Life Lessons.

I recently listened to Dan Buettner’s Ted Talk.  Google it, if you’re interested in living a long, productive Life.  You’ll be introduced to some very fascinating folks.

And, they all have several things in common.

Find out what they are and how many you are already implementing.  More importantly, how many are you willing to embrace now…today?

Aren’t you curious?  I was.

After listening to “How to Live to be 100+”, I am making lifestyle changes, better Life Choices.  Listen, learn, implement.

You, too, could live to be 100+ AND along with attaining an enviable age, you’ll be active, emotionally and physically healthy, and be a contributing member of your tribe.  All it takes is a few lifestyle changes.

In my book, the changes are worth meeting my intention of living to be 106!