Were You Really Abused?

You’ve been out for a while. You were the strong one, the sane one, the dedicated wife. Maybe you were not threatened with weapons, never hospitalized after an abusive incident, or called 911 for help.

Maybe you were ridiculed, undermined, told horrible things, or called ugly names.

Do you wonder if you were really abused?
Use this quick checklist for validation.

Do you wonder if you were just putting up with it?

Find out for sure with this quick checklist.

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Hi, I’m Mickie Zada and I lived in abuse for 34 years

I was in the golf industry and owned golf courses… in my previous life

Now I’m a content creator, coach, and speaker

What People Are Saying

The Law of Attraction with a loving force named Mickie Zada!  🙂


You are so happy and positive❤️ I love this ❤️ Thank you for sharing your story and your experiences.


Took me ten months after freeing from my abuser! Now writing, painting, taking pottery class! Openly supporting my political beliefs, feminism, .....being me! No more power and control over me!!!!!  Thank you for the inspiration!


Myself?! ...I really never thought about it that way: I need to forgive myself...I just turned 65 and I am the one I never forgave...


I so needed to hear you tonight ....thank you


Love your honesty Mickie Zada; it’s the key to your value to other women and men who care about women. The negative programming from youth you speak about impacts people way more than they realize.


A great community of strong women


A much needed conversation in our society.


I love how Mickie lifts up women and teaches women how to lift up themselves and other women. Words are important. I am a student of life.


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