When we open our hearts and our minds to possibilities, all sorts of cool opportunities show up.  Whether we take advantage of them depends on our image of ourselves.  Do we REALLY know that we are worth it?

Self-doubt is our worst enemy (I often call self-doubt Gremlins that live in our minds or nip at our ankles!).  There was a time when I was afraid to move forward at all, because Mom said I was “average”. Average women don’t venture outside the perceived norm.  My spouse treated me (and I allowed it!) as if I weren’t as smart as him…I was only the help-mate.  Advertising and the youth culture tell me I’m too old to try anything new.  I’m O.L.D. …it’s time to retire and play golf.  What do I have to offer anyone?

At 53 I figured out that I was not living My Life.  I had allowed others to identify and create the box I lived in.  I didn’t expect to excel; after all, I was just Average I believed).  My ideas weren’t good enough to be acted upon (I believed); I didn’t thoroughly think a process through.  My productive working days were behind me…somehow I’d been sucked into thinking “old”.

At 53 I learned to identify those false beliefs as “Life Lessons”.  They were told to me, and I accepted them, on a deep, sub-conscious level.  Some women don’t do that…they reject what they know not to be true about them.  I wasn’t one of those women until I was 53!

Let me also say that Life Lessons are taught to us by people who love us…who are protecting us from the hurt and frustration that THEY had suffered.  The problem occurs when we accept those Lessons as truth…and they burrow into our minds…and they yell at us when we even think about moving out of our “normal” behavior.  The Lessons are trying to keep us safe.  And they are hard-wired into our brains.

The good news is that we can change the lessons; we are able re-wire our brains and create new, exciting and fun, behaviors and attitudes about ourselves.  Once we gain confidence, we can do anything…no matter our background or our age.

The process isn’t always easy, but it’s simple…and you are SO worth it!

Positive Thinking is not the answer.

Are you surprised?

Positive EMOTION will change your Life.

Positive thinking is the first step. We have to FEEL different if we want to change.  To create new action, we must increase our positive Energy around the thought, eliminate the fear by feeling joy and wonder instead, and then our actions will change. And then, our lives change.

You are invited to go to the website “Figuring It Out After 50”.  There are some free downloadable papers and ebooks;  there are classes (with and without personal coaching) to help move you along your Path.  I needed the encouragement and accountability of a coach to break through many of my Life Patterns.

It’s not a problem…you are not weak…if you ask for help.  If you are ready to take some steps toward living your authentic life, toward being who you were sent here to be, help and inspiration are available at FiguringItOutAfter 50.com

Follow your passion; create the life you imagine. Take action today. You are SO worth it!