This is a Guided Tour. You ask the questions and you provide the answers!

Are you ready to (even slightly) move toward a goal or action you’ve had in mind for a while… something you’ve always said you’d like to do or be. The timing or the skills or the direction just haven’t been there?

Today’s the day to take a step. It’s easy and it can be fun.

Choose an area you want to change…if you listen to the podcast “Where Are You Now?” you’ll learn how to use the Wheel of Life to select an area to work on.

Now, make a list or write down how you’ll feel when you begin to make the change, and how it will feel when you’re reached your goal. Mmmmmm … day dream a little. Don’t rush yourself.

If you use the Wheel of Life, which I strongly suggest, then choose an area where you’re a 5 or 6, not a 2 or 3, on the scale of 1 – 10. Choose an area you want to improve, but not the area you are the weakest. Start out where you’ll have success… later on you’ll tackle the 2’s and 3’s. Make sense?

What is the first step you are able to take, right now!, to begin your Journey? Choose something small…Is weight loss or muscle toning your goal? First step could be calling some gyms in your immediate area. Or, google weight loss programs.

Here’s a hint: don’t choose a gym that’s miles and miles away, or a weight loss program that costs a lot of money, includes foods you don’t eat, or is a dramatic change for you. Those actions only set you up for failure. These baby steps are toward success!

In preparation for this Journey, I encourage you to listen to The Second 53 Years podcast.

Start with “Where Are You Now?” but other episodes will be helpful, and fun, too.

Thanks for being here…and please, share this link with your friends. And, I hope you take that first baby action-step toward your goal.

Tell me how the Wheel of Life, or the suggestions in this post, help. Or, where you’d like more direction, encouragement or support. Email