Do you know what “Truth” is for you, in your life?

Many years ago I was told that everything is an illusion.

At first, I fought that concept but soon I began to think about it.

Consider this:  You and I see and describe a color as RED.  I know what RED looks like and you know what RED looks like…we both call it RED.  But, what if the color you call RED is actually the color I see as and call yellow??  I can’t see what you’re calling RED; we simply agree that the color we see is called RED.  It’s an illusion.

When I was growing up, my parents were very liberal.  We children were taught to make decisions for ourselves, as young as 3.  When I was 12 my parents put me on a Greyhound Bus in Buffalo, New York to travel to Miami, Florida to visit my Grandmother. It was a trip I paid for with babysitting money.  I had to change busses three times in the 36 hour travel time.  I thought nothing of it…It was a great adventure. My parents obviously weren’t worried either.

The illusion that I couldn’t navigate the trip, that I was too young to undertake such an adventure was not part of my parents reality. And certainly not part of mine

One of my high school friends wasn’t allowed to baby sit and she could not even go to the local swimming pool without her older brother.

My friend lived in the limiting illusion of fear.  Her parents didn’t think she was “old enough” to navigate Life without the help of their ever present safety net.

As adults, our experiences were just as diverse. I chose an entrepreneurial path; she worked 9 to 5 in a cubicle.

What created our adult Paths?  Life Patterns.

We are taught as children how to navigate Life.  Parents, teachers, extended family and clergy teach us how to “be safe”, what to think, what to believe…they teach us our “Truth”.   Frequently we were told not to question the authority; simply accept what we were told as Truth.

None of the lessons were intended to restrict us, cause fear or dissatisfaction as adults, but that’s often the result.  Adults want to keep youngsters safe from the experiences that caused them (the adults)pain and fear.  Their lessons become our Life Patterns…our adult decisions are often made based on SOME ONE ELSES Truth that we were taught as youngsters.

Do you enjoy every single day of your life?  Not every minute, of course, but in the Big Picture, do you love your life?  If not, a negative Life Pattern is likely eroding your Truth.  A Life Pattern you were taught to avoid the pain of choosing a career that wouldn’t pay well; choosing a spouse you didn’t love much but who could provide financial security; choosing to stay in the same town where you grew up because no one in your family ever “moved away”.

Give yourself permission this week to honestly look at the box you live in.  Is it big enough?  Are the walls keeping you in a place you’ve outgrown or are they flexible and expanding with you as you grow?

Give yourself permission to consider how your Life Lessons are affecting your career, your family, your environment.  You’re not living in your Mother’s world…not in her era.  We have more options today…more choices…more adventure.

Imagine that you’re 12 years old and boarding a Greyhound Bus bound for Miami. Imagine you’re 18, a new high school graduate, boarding an airplane to Greece with nothing but a backpack and some maps…well, some money, too, of course!  Imagine that you’re 65, newly retired and headed to Spain to trek the Camino De Santiago.

Imagine your Truth:  traveling, writing, teaching, photographing nature or weddings,  Being you.  Shut off your mind and listen to your Heart.  It will whisper your Truth in your ear…you just have to listen.