Anna Seewald, Founder of Authentic Parenting, brings clear insight and provides helpful advice for those of us raising children after experiencing domestic abuse.  We discuss the core of her teaching which is, “to be a great parent we need to work on ourselves.  By raising our children, we are raising ourselves, too.”  

She says “I believe in helping children by helping their parents. I have helped hundreds of parents around the world in the emotional job of parenting.” 

Our discussion includes touching on Programmed Patterns, those things WE learned as kids and have passed on to our kids.  We can-not change our past reality, or that of our children, but we can learn from our experience and apply the lessons.  

To be a great parent it’s important that we uncover those programmed lessons in ourselves…embrace in-side work… so we’re able to help our children heal from their traumas, and make sense of their past experiences.

It’s not our job to make our children’s lives easier.  We can’t change our story or theirs.  Reality is reality.  We can model and help our children gain strength from the past … apply the lessons learned … create a happy, safe and loving life.

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