Guess which group of people is the happiest?

Yep, it’s us….those people over 50!

When I think about that fact, as reported in several surveys conducted by those companies who gather that kind of information, it makes sense.  We “Second 53 Year-ers” have figured out what we like, we’ve let go of or given away those things that no longer serve us or that no longer make us smile, and we have created lives that work for us.  Why would we not be happy?

Well, some of us still are not.  In fact, we are the happiest group, but more than half of us say we aren’t happy!  What’s that about??

Yes, at our age we’ve lost lost parents, friends, some of us have lost children…a high percentage of our age group have diabetes, have survived or are challenged with life threatening diseases and live through heart break, depression, overwhelming sadness.  No one escapes drama and trauma in this life.

It’s interesting to listen to people’s stories and how they are told.  If we listen closely, we can hear the energy behind the words.  If we listen closely we can tell who is thriving and who is just surviving.  Our attitude and our happiness meter strongly effect how we respond to the dark clouds that float through our lives.

I hope you are one of “us” who believes attitude and response to bad things is our choice.  Yes, Life hurts.  It is my choice to decide for how long.  It is my choice to find the “upside”, the silver lining, the Good in the bad.

My belief is that there is Good in Every Thing.  It’s not always easy to find, but it will show up eventually.  Meanwhile, it’s my Choice to be happy, to enjoy Life, to allow the angels to tickle my heart and make me smile.  Which angels?  What am I talking about??

Well, there’s a story about a little girl who was always happy.  She was poor and had very little money…few toys … but she was always happy.  When a kind doctor decided to study the girl it was discovered that angels tickled the girl’s heart and made her smile.  (for the whole story, listen to the podcast called “Tickling Your Heart”.

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